Salon Policies

Children-  We love children, but for their safety & the comfort of the other salon guests, we will no longer be offering services to any child under 10.  Due to the unsafe nature of our salon it is not conducive to children being present.  Any adult client showing up with any child under 10 will be asked to make arrangements to have the child picked up or be asked to reschedule their service.  We will not begin any service while the child is present.  Children under 10 may not be present even under the supervision of an adult.  We appreciate all your cooperation on this sensitive subject.


Groupons-  All Groupon Deals are for NEW CLIENTS ONLY.  Any returning Groupon guest will be asked to gift the deal to a friend or family member or call Groupon to receive any refund as they handle all refunds on their end. 

 Cancellation Policy-  We kindly request that you cancel or reschedule any appointment 24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so may result in a $25 cancellation fee that will be applied to your next appointment.  If a repeated situation occurs, the client may be required to provide a credit card to make a scheduled appointment.

Late Arrivals-  Late arrival for any appointment may result in an abbreviation to your service, although appointments cannot be guaranteed for late arrivals.  Any client arriving 15 minutes after their scheduled time may be required to reschedule at the discretion of the performing stylist.  Late arrivals should expect to be charged the full treatment price.

Belongings-  We ask that any and all valuables be kept at home.  Under no circumstance will the salon be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged belongings.

Services-  All services are performed at the discretion of the performing stylist after a proper consultation has been performed. Any and all services can be refused at the discretion of the stylist.  


Allergies-  Any client with the concern of an allergic reaction to any chemical or non-chemical product has the right and opportunity to have a patch test performed up to 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment.  Failure to do so and following through with their scheduled service releases the salon of any liability in such event of a reaction.  Salon also reserves the right to change products at any given time without notice to clients. 

Payment-  Payment is due at the time of service.  NO EXCEPTION.  We accept cash, credit and/or debit cards.  NO CHECKS!